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Madesoftlogic Technologies

Magnifying Your Business



I recently have been scouting for vendors for my cousin’s wedding happening soon, she sent me a couple of companies she had seen from the internet. While she was doing her research online, I was making my own findings as well. I ran into a particular décor lady who owns a small office somewhere on the mainland in Lagos, she had done incredible jobs for her previous clients and so I asked her if she had a website; I really didn’t want to ask but the words just came. Guess what she said; “oh no ma” and laughed. I’m like okay…. why? and she says ‘nothing’. I am still in shock NOTHING?

No serious business owner no matter how small the venture, would not invest in a website. The world today is rather impatient to move about looking for supply to satisfy their demands. Without a website, your small business looks and has all the potential to remain so. If you’re reading this and my description fits you, then you need to change and fast. There’s no over-emphasis as to how important a website is for a growing business here are basic reasons why you need to have a website for your business.

Today’s customers are really inquisitive and are very information hungry. They might not necessarily need the information they get in the immediate, but when they stumble on something interesting, they like to hold on to it.

Your website should tell your customers what you do and how differently you do it. It should also show how customers can contact you and whether others recommend your company as good. They need a place they can send enquiries and get feedback. You need to let them know what they must to do next, when and how they should.

Drawing from the previous information, you should know you are not the only one running the kind of business you do. Competition is not a myth and competitors are not playing with you. Once you are not online to draw your customers in, someone else will. Now, what is the point being in business if you would watch competition take business away from you simply because you lack online presence? Your company is perceived positively if you have a very good and engaging website. It gives you the leverage that you would otherwise not get if placed side by side with renowned companies in your industry.

Businesses without a good and running website are usually undervalued. Customers would rather pay heavily for a product they have seen online than for something better that has not been seen or displayed online. So, it is safe to say that your presence online also affects the profitability of your business.

So back to my décor lady story; this lady would accept one fifth the price of the least of other big décor companies we found, still my cousin, the bride would not patronize her as in her words, “I don’t feel that lady has enough credibility.” End of discussion.

It is not enough to get yourself a website, a good website attracts the right customers, Madesoftlogic offers you the most affordable attractive and creative website designs. We are always at your service, the question is; why don’t you contact us today?




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